Mickey Talking Ozil talks to Alexis

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Mickey Talking Ozil talks to Alexis

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Manchester United to sbo discuss Mesut Ozil midfielder Arsenal in the negotiations with Alexis Sanchez because "Red Devils" is intended to be. To work with Jose Mourinho again."Manchester Evening News" media reported that the Manchester United giants in the English Premier League talks with Mesut Ozil Play Makers of Ah. The team joined the league during talks with Alexis Sanchez, a new member of the Reds' team.The 29-year-old German striker is out of contract after the season ends. And not to renew the contract. It was reported that "Red Devils" want to grab a team to work with Jose Mourinho manager Jose Mourinho. Once inside the old Ford, Ford has previously worked together with Real Madrid and believes there is a possibility that Juan Mata midfielder aggressive. Will move out of the team if Ozil decided to move to the team.However, the media stated that despite the actual talk, but Manchester United informed to Ozil that no.
Confirm that the official offer after the season ends. If the team in the Premier League to withdraw the interest may make Ozil decide easier to choose a new contract or move out of the Emirates Stadium.sbo

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