Moyes is hoping Mario will be able to adapt quickly.

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Moyes is hoping Mario will be able to adapt quickly.

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David Moyes coach West Ham United hope to bring a new midfield Mario. Will adapt to the Premier League soon. sbobet ninja The players of Inter move from Inter Milan team to tell the story is not a problem. Portugal, through the proof of itself.25-year-old moved from Inter Milan to Italy. With a loan contract until the end of this season. After this time West Ham suffered a major injury to several players. And last but not least, Moyes is hoping that the Portugal national team. Can adapt to the Premier League quickly."What I'm most worried about is not him as a football player. But to adapt to the Premier League. Speed ​​and competition are not the same in Italy or Portugal. His ability as a footballer is not a problem at all. He proved And I hope he can do well right now. That's the only thing that worries me, "Moyes said. For Moyes need to reinforce the urgent. At this time, both Arnaudovic and Manuel Lanzanian 2 players on the offensive line. We are experiencing injury problems.sbobet ninja

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