Colombians filled the Camp Nou for Yerry Mina's presentation

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Colombians filled the Camp Nou for Yerry Mina's presentation

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After putting pen to paper on a contract at Barcelona, Yerry Mina was pic5678 presented to the fans at the Camp Nou on Saturday.A total of 8,552 Barcelona fans, many of them from Colombia, joined him.The ex-Palmeiras defender joined the club on Thursday and had his first touches of the ball in the colours of the club.His first steps onto the Camp Nou pitch were unorthodox as, loyal to his rituals, he took off his shoes and socks and prayed.With his boots back on, he took part in a traditional rondo and showed his best footwork alongside some players from the club's youth

team, before posing with a car from a sponsor.In the stands, fans pic5678 carried flags of the club and of his country, and he spent more than 10 minutes waving to them from the field of play. The defender wore a shirt with his name, Y. Mina, but no number, though it's expected that he could take Javier Mascherano's No.14 when he leaves the club as expected this month.Before his presentation, Mina was shown the dressing room, taking on the same locker previously used by the likes of Marc Overmars and Maxi Lopez.After the presentation was finished, there was music and dancing amongst the fans, who were celebrating the first Colombian to play for the club. pic5678

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