Aspas calls Lerma 'starving' but no sign of a racist insult

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Aspas calls Lerma 'starving' but no sign of a racist insult

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The Levante-Celta match was eclipsed by the serious denunciation made by แทงบอล Jefferson Lerma at the conclusion of the meeting, in which he accused Iago Aspas of proffering racist insults against him, though TV cameras appear to back up Aspas' assertion that no racist language was used. Clearly incensed post-match, Lerma went live on TV to express his outrage."Since I am in front of the cameras I want to make a report," he said to beIN Sports."These acts of racism can't exist, Aspas called me black s**t and that can't happen." On Monday, footage from the

programme 'The day after,' has issued some images in which you can see the clash แทงบอล between the two players. At minute 60, Lerma goes in hard on Aspas and that appears to be the trigger for everything that happened next. Lerma then speaks to the referee with Aspas: "He called me black s**t... it's racist."However, there are no images of the moment in which the racist insult occurs. Minutes later both players engage again and the cameras capture as Aspas calling Lerma "starving." แทงบอล

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