Busquets: Barcelona knew this day would come

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Busquets: Barcelona knew this day would come

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Barcelona suffered their first defeat of the season since สโบเบ็ต the Supercopa de Espana on Wednesday night after a late strike from Espanyol's Oscar Melendo, but Sergio Busquets was not put down by the defeat.With a second leg still to come, he backed his team to turn the tie around."We knew this day would come, we tried to delay it as much as possible but it couldn't be today," he said."The good thing is that we have the second leg to

try to mount a comeback."It can't affect us, it's just another สโบเบ็ต game."We are lucky to play the second leg at home, we will have to win whatever happens."The Blaugrana must wait until Thursday, January 25 to have a shot at undoing their 1-0 deficit, when their neighbours make the short hope to the Camp Nou. สโบเบ็ต

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