Di Campli: Neymar is locked in a golden prison at PSG

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Di Campli: Neymar is locked in a golden prison at PSG

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It was a tough summer for Donato Di Campli, trying and sbobet.ca failing to get his client Marco Verratti out of Paris Saint-Germain before being dumped by the Italian midfielder, and he believes neither he nor Neymar will be able to leave the French team anytime soon.Talk of Real Madrid or any other club making a move to sign the Brazilian winger is utterly futile in Di Campli's eyes."Nobody will get [Neymar] out of there," he explained to Tuttosport. "That team has more potential than any sbobet.ca other and the players are locked in a golden prison that they don't want to give

up."Their contracts are impossible at other clubs. The French league is a championship of lies, there is only one club, and [the players] remain at PSG despite the reality."Di Campli also had scathing words to describe Verratti, who was near a move to Barcelona in the summer before apologising for his attempts to leave."With [Verratti] and PSG I have lived the ugliest experiences of my life," he continued. "Zero gratitude - for me Verratti does not exist. I not only fought against a club but against a state." sbobet.ca

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