Manchester City: financial fair play 2.0

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Manchester City: financial fair play 2.0

Beitragvon thanloeuth » Di 23. Jan 2018, 02:59

The fall out from the Neymar transfer continues to ripple across European football. It certainly was a bloody nose given to Barcelona, and Europe’s elite clubs, when the up starts PSG stole Neymar from underneath the Catalan giants noses.

It seems now that the governing body are looking to revamp the Financial Fair Play package they introduced a few seasons ago. The new version proposed deals with the biggest change being the money deficit you are allowed as a club.

Under the new rules, sbobet ca if they were to be enforced as they currently read, then a club could not have a transfer deficit of more than €100 million. So, with PSG as an example, they could pay the €420 million in players, but only if they sold €320 million worth in the same season.
It doesn’t take much to see that this particular rule is designed to nullify some of the leagues who enjoy massive television rights deals. It wouldn’t matter how much you earned as a club with outside income, like TV, sponsorship etc, you would still have to sell in order to buy.

Another proposal would be that clubs couldn’t hoard talent. Manchester City and Chelsea are seen as guilty of this in particular. Purchasing talent, only to loan them to sister clubs or other clubs in lower leagues.

There is another rule which takes into account clubs debt, which is really what could cause clubs going bankrupt. After all that was meant sbobet ca to be the whole purpose for the first Finanial Fair Play initiative.

When the UEFA Executive Committee meets on May 24th, the proposal will be discussed. I expect these points to be argued and nothing of substance to come out of the UEFA headquarters. Instead, and with Javier Tebas accusing clubs of ‘peeing in the pool’ we’ll just have more legislation targetting City and PSG. show more click here sbobet ca

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